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Italy – Ceramiche Caesar

Contemporary Look

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A scope of rustic finishes sets Trace apart from the rest. Created by Italian manufacturer and designer Caesar, Trace metal-effect porcelain tiles were designed with urban chic in mind. Throughout the history of contemporary architecture, steel, copper and iron have been used to convey an image of strength and industrialism. Dress your floors and walls in a new light, and change your environment to suit the modern age with Trace.

Pleasant & Appealing Tiles

porcelain tiles -Lapege

Trace porcelain stoneware embodies the signature oxidation, corruption and intense chromatic aberrations of various types of metals. Designs begin in lighter colours, Vitro and Alumina, then pass through dark shades of Bronze, Corten and Iron, and end with Mint, inspired by the oxidation of copper. The polychromy created by the oxidation adds an irregular, yet pleasant touch to the character of the tiles. Metallic materials are recreated in the natural finish, while the exclusive Iridiscent finish is characterised by its shiny and iridescent reflections. Merged together, these elements give each space a touch of personality, and allude to a master craftsman with a vision of extremely modern and contemporary design.

Made in Italy

porcelain tiles -Lapege

The Trace series of porcelain stoneware is ideal for commercial and residential designers looking for an urban and contemporary look. They perfectly adapt to their surroundings, meeting the requirements of boutiques, shopping centres, offices and homes alike. Each tile is master-crafted, giving them very high technical and aesthetic performance and making them perfect for both floors and walls. Caesar tiles are made in Italy, a testament to their design, and boast incredible quality, reliability and durability.

Each tile comes in several large formats: 120×240, 120×120, 25×150 and 75×150 cm, as well as the more traditional 60×30, 60×60, 75×25 and 75×75 cm sizes. These sizes open up new perspectives and innovations in design and architecture, and offer an unprecedented breadth of range. Joint reduction and fine craftsmanship allow flexibility in use and enables sensitivity in regards to architectural decisions. The end result is a stunning tiled vista, with emphasis on a rustic, formal elegance and decorative continuity.

Variants & Features

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