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Italy – Leonardo

Leonardo Delicate

Stone Project is the latest line of tiles from Leonardo ceramics. These full-body porcelain floor and wall tiles form an incredible collection with a distinctive stone effect. Stone Project is ideal for large-scale architectural projects and exteriors thanks to their versatility and superior performance. A highly developed, full-body porcelain gives them a durability and strength only found in tiles of the highest quality.



These tiles evoke a feeling of rustic luxury, combining the best of modern tile-crafting techniques and old-world beauty. If you’re a fan of classic stone, Stone Project will be sure to impress. Available in four unique styles. And if you’d like something similar that goes a little heavier on the texture, browse our range of Pietre Naturali tiles. Or alternatively, if you’re satisfied but need a complementary material for your interior walls, our Lumina stone may be the perfect match coupled with this smooth ceramic porcelain. 

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lapege porcelain stone project brera


lapege porcelain stone project colombino


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lapege porcelain stone project oceanblack