This beautiful Sorrento home is a showstopper. We’ve made sure not to take away from the airy open plan, instead enhancing the architecture with our choice in porcelain tiles. Choosing natural stone that gives the home a rich variety of textures and shades, the heterogenous designs of each tile gives the home a simple, consistent yet uniquely expressive motif. From the baths to the kitchens to the glass terrace and patio areas, the material conveys a sense of elegance and industrial geometric feel. 


Furthermore, with clean lines and a strong architectural foundation, the selection stimulates an interesting movement to the slabs. It’s a design that conceals a lot of depth at first, but lends to further appreciation over time. If you’d like a unique tiling solution that is more than what meets the eye, collaborate with Lapege to design your home. We can help you build an environment that is both stimulating and simple, bridging functionality and aesthetic effectively. 


For a hands-on experience of our product catalogue, visit our Collingwood showroom today. To see more references, view our work on Ten Minutes by Tractor and range of Natural Stone Slabs