The Omega showroom is one of our most commercially viable and sophisticated tiling designs. With the fine polished porcelain, you can achieve a final look on par with standard glazed ceramics from an unglazed tile. What’s more, just like natural stone, the material offers a reflective quality to make the most out of this beautifully lit venue. 


If you’d like to get that sparkle and shine for your showroom floors, shop our range of premium designer tiles from Lapege. We can work with your designer to achieve a look that authentically encapsulates what your brand is about. Exude luxury and class with Lapege’s lines of designer commercial tiles. 


Are you a retailer about to open your next branch or on the lookout for a redesign of your current store? Visit our Collingwood showroom for a hands-on experience. We have an incredible selection of materials from polished porcelain to large-format natural stone slabs for marbling effect to mosaic tiles. For gorgeous, lasting tiles on your brand’s showroom, shop our catalogue today.


For more references, take a look at our Pietre Naturali Porcelain Tile series and Sorrento project.