Ocean 12 – Crown Casino

The Ocean 12 on Crown Casino is a project that fluidly caters to a variety of indoor and outdoor entertaining venues. Whether you’re enjoying a selection of local and international whiskies, cocktails, beers or wines beneath the glittering lights of the riverside terrace or hosting a festive occasion in its private karaoke bars, it’s sure to promise style, service, food and drink at the height of luxury on the Crown. 


Lapege has brought this incredible space to life with a wide range of gorgeous materials. From vivid Chiaroscuro tiles on its open bars, natural porcelain on its alfresco sections and private entertainment rooms as well as natural stone for marbling effect, our tiles bring a sense of depth, movement and sophistication to this nightlife beacon. 


If you’d like timeless elegance for your business’ floor plan, Lapege can work with your designers to bring out your brand’s identity. We have some of the best materials for commercial spaces out there, accounting for aesthetics, durability and foot traffic from pedestrians. We can supply you with premium designer quality tiles to suit your brand’s vision. Visit our Collingwood showroom today for a hands-on experience of our catalogue.


For more references, see our Omega showroom and Stone Project Porcelain Tile series.