Macalister Blvd

This contemporary home in Macalister Boulevard has undergone a full makeover with Lapege’s tiling solutions. From natural stone in the bath, to indoor-outdoor entertaining areas as well as dining and living spaces, we work with home designers to achieve a functional yet aesthetic style for your dwelling. Would you like to raise the value of your property? Redesign your home with us today.


We anticipate the needs of each space and are able to recommend the best material suited to your use. Shop our range by stopping by in store at our Collingwood showroom. Enjoy a hands-on experience and lasting quality with our products. View our Casablanca Black tiles and Mitchell Street project for more references.  


Lapege is your ultimate supplier for residential and commercial premium designer tiles. Redesign your space with us today with our range of gorgeous materials. Get in touch with us today to start your project.