There’s a reason why brick walls never go out of style. Iconic, sturdy and highly customisable, it can redesign the look and feel of your entire space no matter if it’s a home, a restaurant or a commercial outlet. Whether you’re going for laid back, industrial, or chic, our Bricklane series allows you to achieve a custom look that is entirely unique to you. From distinct hexagonal cuts with multicoloured and washed variations to the classic brick shape, commercial and home designers can take advantage of this versatile yet effortless material to create playful looks that emanate youth to homely, romantic and rustic ones for a cosy feel. Available in beige, tawny, russet, greys and off-whites, you can mix and match between shades, and alternate between rooms to create a cohesive look for your property. 


Brick 7.5 x 30cm

Hexagon 25 x 21.6cm