Porcelain Floor Tiles

An enduring classic, porcelain tiles have been used in elegant design for years. They’re perfect for taking a room from generic to glamorous, and a popular choice for adding a little luxury to any room.



At Lapege, we’ve changed the way you shop for porcelain tiles. With years of experience and a passion for tiles, we curate our selection to bring you access to the finest tiles from around the world. Our service is tailored to your needs, helping you find high-quality tiles that will inspire you and perfect your ideas. With Lapege, you are the designer. If you’re looking for porcelain tiles Melbourne, browse our range online to find the perfect porcelain tile for your home, or visit our showroom today and experience our selection first-hand.

Why Choose Porcelain Tiles?

While there are numerous floor tile options out there, besides being stylish, porcelain tiles are incredibly practical. Their toughness and durability are brought about by their specialised creation method, superheating and pressing clay further than other kinds of tiles. This process makes porcelain tiles highly water-resistant and durable. They’re often used in bathrooms, kitchens spaces tiling solutions and outdoor spaces for this reason.



Whether you’re looking for tiles for your bathroom floor or living areas, choosing porcelain floor tiles or wall tiles for your home will not only make any room look fantastic. It will also make cleaning simple, reducing the time you spend vacuuming and mopping.


Tiles to Suit all Projects

Lapege offers a wide selection of porcelain tiles in different designs, sizes and colours. Visit our Melbourne tile showroom to see our entire range of tiles. We have a wide range of tiles, including natural stone tiles, marble tiles, mosaic tiles, FAP Lumina Stone tiles, terra cotta, as well as ceramic tiles Melbourne homeowners rely on to meet their space’s design needs. We source tiles globally from the best designers and manufacturers in Italy, Greece and across the world.



Typically we recommend porcelain tiles despite their pricing, as similar alternatives such as ceramic are less durable, less water resistant and may not last as long. However, porcelain tiles are more difficult to cut and install, so if you are looking to install tiles yourself make sure you’ve got all the right tools and knowledge.