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120 x 120,
75 x 150,
75x 75,
60 x 60,
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Italy – Fap Ceramiche

A Fine Textured Finish

Nord represents a thousand years of stonework, architecture and culture. They’re stone reinvented, a new interpretation of the eternal allure cold stone invokes. With a focus on contemporary and modern design, Nord exudes a strong, pure personality, even down to the name itself. It is the authentic expression of a strong character, ideal for both residential and commercial interiors.


Nord Porcelain tiles are a fantastic choice for any home or business interior. With a range of textured finishes, Nord Tiles are perfect for adding flair to a room, engaging interest and elevating design. Take advantage of their classic design in bathrooms, kitchens or lounges for a fresh alternative to classic porcelain tiles.


Textured finish tiles are back in trend, and look fantastic in almost any room. Contrast them with clean, modern decor and change the way a room feels with options for light and dark designs.

porcelain tiles -Lapege

Highly Realistic Allure

porcelain tiles -Lapege

Nord is the new collection of porcelain stoneware flooring and tiling by Fap ceramiche offering a highly realistic reinterpretation of stone’s eternal allure. Contemporary and modern, even its name exudes a strong, pure and essential personality, it is expressed in an authentic proposal of great character, ideal for both residential and contract interiors.

Variants & Features

lapege porcelain nord natural



lapege porcelain nord artic


Available Finishes – MATT/OUT/SATIN

lapege porcelain nord smoke


Available Finishes – MATT/OUT/SATIN

lapege porcelain nord night


Available Finishes – MATT/OUT/SATIN

lapege porcelain nord deco-natural

Deco Natural

Available Finishes – MATT

lapege porcelain nord deco-smoke

Deco Smoke

Available Finishes – MATT