Mood Cotto Porcelain Tile

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80 x 80
60 x 60




Italy – Ricchetti Orgini

Rustic & Refined Imprint

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History, creativity and fascination, united under one banner. The unique story of an ancient material such as Cotto conveys rustic and retro feelings. Created with a focus on earth and nature Mood Cotto tiles are designed to be simple, yet original. Browse four styles of tile and discover a whole new palate of earthy flavours.

Revolutionary Teracotta Tiles

porcelain tiles -Lapege

Traditional terracotta gives rooms a warm, refined, vintage mood. Combined with elegant decor, these tiles create a strong contrast, full of detail and history. Each tile is crafted with intention, featuring nuanced design with eye-pleasing chiaroscuro and brushstroke effects. If you’re looking to give your home a unique aesthetic, or turn your bathroom or outdoor space into a reflection of days gone by, Mood Cotto Porcelain tiles may be for you.

Variants & Features

lapege porcelain mood cotto orca


lapege porcelain mood cotto cenere


lapege porcelain mood cotto argilla


lapege porcelain mood cotto fango