Kitchen Tiles Melbourne

Fill your kitchen with tiles from the world’s finest. At Lapege, we offer a range of high-quality products sourced from premium manufacturers and quarries in Greece, Italy and across the world. Choose from our range yourself, or allow our experts to provide a tailored service to find for you the perfect kitchen tiles Melbourne has.


There’s something exquisite about outfitting a kitchen with the perfect tiles. The way the feel of a room can change completely, creating feelings space, comfort or ambience in just the right ways. It’s for this reason that choosing the right tiles is so important. With years of experience and an extensive web of international contacts, La Pege’s tile experts can help you find and source the perfect tiles for any room in your home.

Choose the Right Tiles for Your Home Kitchen

When choosing kitchen tiles, look for tiles that are durable and low-maintenance. Some kitchen tiles are more water-resistant than others, and have different properties, such as a rougher surface for reduced slipping, that can make one tile a better choice than another. For kitchen wall tiles, you should choose a multi purpose type of tile. The most popular tiles for kitchens include:

Kitchen Natural Stone Tiles


Stone tiles are great for achieving a rustic look for your kitchen, and can be used to accent our existing design or change it completely

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Ceramic Tiles


Ceramic looks great, is durable and water-resistant, making them a great, affordable option for your kitchen. They are cheaper than most tiles, and are easy to maintain. Ceramic tiles do need to be glazed to achieve this, though glazing can give your different a different look and feel. Shop our Melbourne ceramic tiles below. 

Porcelain Tiles in A Kitchen


A more premium option, porcelain is durable and more water-resistant than its alternative, ceramic. It is also more expensive however, and may be more slippery when wet. From our Mood Cotto Porcelain Tile to our Pietre Naturali, you’ll have your pick of options to choose from. 



When it comes to your kitchen space, it needs to be highly practical and feel decorated, there’s only one thing that should come to your mind… Porcelain Kitchen Tiles! A kitchen do not solely need to be durable and hard-wearing enough to block water and stop bacterias in the places we bake our food, kitchen tiles also need to look great, as they’re the most important defining feature.

Most tiles are available with a non-slip glaze. Talk to our team to find the perfect kitchen floor tiles Melbourne homeowners rely on for lasting quality.