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Discover our range of the highest quality floor tiles in Melbourne as Lepage. We stock a range of unique tile designs and materials that will bring an air of luxury and sophistication to any space. Lapege has a curated selection of floor tiles from local and international manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for boutique Italian tiles to add flair or high-quality tiles for your family home, you can trust our team of experts to find the perfect floor tiles. Browse our range online or visit our showroom today and experience the complete range on display.

Quality for Longevity

All the tiles in the Lapege range are especially selected for their quality and design. Our team seek out the latest innovations in tiles with a keen eye for detail and bring the world’s best to you in Australia. It’s the trademark of Lapege’s two founders – John and Morena Petrolo – who focus on creating a tailored service for architects, designers and  homeowners. With an extensive range of tiles, coupled with personalised advice and inspiring design, we can offer a floor tile service unlike any other in Melbourne.

If you’re after a fine  textured finish with our Thema Porcelain Tile [insert hyperlink] or searching for something else, we can help you realise the vision you’re wanting to achieve for your home. We understand that choosing the right tiles is critical to the finished product. It’s important to take in to account how much the room is used, what it is used for and how you want the room to feel. When it comes to floor tiles, you need tiles that are going to withstand the daily grind. We recommend choosing tiles that will suit your lifestyle. Lapege stocks a range of floor tiles in our showroom [insert hyperlink] suited to a variety of needs and purposes.

Lapege Tile Selection

Ceramic Tiles

A popular choice for kitchen and bathroom wall tiles, ceramic is durable and water resistant. It is a cheaper alternative for those looking to install fantastic looking tiles while still sticking to a budget. Shop some of the best bathroom and kitchen tiles in Melbourne at Lapege. 

Porcelain Tiles

An excellent all-round tile, and a step-up from ceramic, these tiles are tempered at a higher temperature than ceramic, making them harder, more durable and more waterproof. Porcelain floor tiles shining finish can provide any room with a luxury feel.

Terracotta Tiles

If you’re searching for an old-fashioned or homely aesthetic, ceramic tiles are for you. These tiles are similar to ceramic, but feature red and earthy clay tones that you may not get from other tiles.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone can turn a great room into an incredible one, with a wide range of visual styles. They’re tiles need to be seen and experienced, as there are a number of types with different appeals. Our range includes marble, slate, granite, limestone and more.

Mosaic Tiles

Choosing complementary materials for adjacent interior walls is a strategic technique that lets you invoke a sense of innovation and unique identity. Perfect for adding flair to a room, mosaic tiles can be used to create patterns or to accentuate the features of other tiles. They are a statement piece that, when used carefully, can add real luxury to a room.

Mosaic floor tiles Penny Round Carrara Honed Mosaic tiles - Lapege
Carrara Honed Brick Mosaic tiles - Lapege

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