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Lumina Is A Mindful Choice

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Lumina Stone is the new porcelain tile range offered by Fap Ceramiche. Lumina Stone highlights the quintessential essence of stone, creating new patterns and designs in harmony with the original source material.

The versatility of the line is expressed through highly detailed patterns and finished, never before seen in ceramic products.

These “sharp-edge” tiles can be laid without joints, for perfectly smooth, continuous surfaces, with the joints barely noticeable. In addition to the aesthetic advantages, these tiles prevent dirt from gathering and are easy to clean.

Adapted To Any Situation

porcelain tiles -Lapege

The intricacy of these tiles represents FAP’s constant striving for innovation, and bring never before seen techniques and finishes to porcelain tiles. Each tile is refined to the smallest details, creating a result that is as strong as it is beautiful. Revel in the beauty of their design and see the difference master crafted tiles create in a design.

Available in three earthy colours – Light, Beige and Grey – Lumina Stone embodies the natural tones of stone. They are available in sizes starting at 30.‎5 x 91.‎5cm, and are best used as tessellated tiles for walls and splashbacks. Accenting other tiles and feature areas is where they truly shine. FAP Ceramiche porcelain tiles are strong, durable and the perfect tiles for any architectural or design project.

Variants & Features

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