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Italy – Ricchetti

Each Tile Unique

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Europe tiles capture the unique visual character of acidified concrete. A special treatment during manufacturing creates a complex, detailed surface that gives each tile its own distinctive look and feel.

Five colours to choose from lends inspiration to a wide range of visual and architectural applications, with shades of beige, grey, black and white to match any room. Sizes reach up to 90x90cm, a size that is impressive no matter its context.

Due to their unique construction, Europe tiles are smooth, with a surface somewhere between matte and a soft-honed finish. This surface finish results in anti-slip properties, making them idea for high traffic or wet areas. Choose Europe tiles for your home or business, and experience Italian concrete tiles at their best.

Europe’s Aesthetic Value

For a long time concrete has been considered one of the plainest building materials, distinctly lacking in aesthetic value. Now however, this material has become one of the most popular types of flooring:new experiments in the construction sector have allowed new, alternative and original forms to be developed, which are real trend-setters.

Commercial spaces aren’t the only users of concrete now. It can be found in interiors too, turning the rules of style and design on their head. Classic style meets modern and rustic, creating highly prized contrasts. The origini design marks a new frontier in experimentation: acid stained concrete.

lapege porcelain europe white


lapege porcelain europe beige


lapege porcelain europe greige


lapege porcelain europe grey


lapege porcelain europe black