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Charismatic Ceramic

The timeless appeal of natural stone, captured in gorgeous ceramic, Fap Ceramics’ Charisma series of tiles display a refined elegance often sought after in contemporary design. They come in a range of sizes, starting at 120cm x 260cm.

The Charisma project found its genesis in the stylistic research of Monocibec, which sees the elements of nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It’s through this research that the development Charisma’s sophisticated textures and exclusive colours came to be.

Charisma is a versatile product that emphasises the character of any project, residential or commercial. it is available in both natural and lapped finishes. See more of our ceramic products to find the perfect fit for you.

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Artisanal Tiles

porcelain tiles -Lapege

The natural appearance of Charisma is reminiscent of stone floors made with artisanal techniques.  It retains the primordial beauty of the materials from which they take inspiration. Lapped Charisma has a particular effect obtained by polishing its ridge, with a unique surface is as rustic as it is elegant, like a precious material rendered special and unique due to extensive use.

The creative freedom of developers and interior designers finds a true ally in Charisma, which also offers interesting decorative solutions.  Geometric and animal prints feature in the overarching colours of the collection. Charisma is designed to be used on floors and walls, and is perfect for customising furnishings and adding style to a room. These tiles can transform a space completely. Alternatively, if you prefer a finer texture, the Thema Porcelain tile range may be more suitable. 

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