Ceramic Tiles Melbourne

Lapege continues to be the leading supplier of awe-inspiring designs for ceramic tiles across Melbourne from the last 20 years. Our highly skilled and professional team have an eye to detail when it comes to customized ceramic tiles for your home and office. Be it your bathroom floor, kitchen wall or an outdoor area, we’ve got the most stylish and practical ceramic tiles to go for every space. Floors and walls are the centre of attraction for any home and office and should continue to be so, as it is the very foundation of your place. No matter if you’re going for our Charisma ceramic tile‘s artisanal look for a muted tone or a glossy finish to get that shine on your walls, Lapege offers highly functional ceramic tiles that transform your place altogether.

Ceramic tiles

Our Ceramic Tiles Are Exquisite And Functional

A firm and visually appealing floor draw all eyes towards it along with adding the strength of your living and workplace. Lapege is committed to offering a complete range of ceramic tiles that are elegant and sturdy to give an artistic touch to your place. These tiles are handcrafted in magnificent shapes and colours with different patterns and designs to reflect your personal style. At Lapege, you could choose from a vast range of colours, shapes, size, texture, and patterns for ceramic tiles Melbourne.

Highly Durable And Designer Ceramic Tiles 

Whether you’re looking for a modern and contemporary look or a more classic and traditional one for your wall tiles in the kitchen or bathroom floor tiles in Melbourne, we’ve just the right tile for every look and feel. Choose from the wide range of exquisite floor and wall tiles based on hard-wearing ceramic material to meet your personal taste and style. Get a glass, gloss or matt finish for standout ceramic wall and floor tiles. Need some ceramic tile ideas for inspiration? Design your home with Lapege. 

ceramic tiles

Why Choose Ceramic Tiles?

When it comes to choosing the right tile for your home or office floors and tiles, you should consider its resistance to moisture, heat, and other external conditions together with the material strength. What’s the best part when using the ceramic tiles for your domestic and commercial space is that these tiles are highly durable and when using glazed ceramic tiles, there is no effect of any moisture or even stains on these tiles. These are incredibly versatile and used in your bathrooms, kitchen space, living space and even outdoors. Due to high strength, you need not worry about the cracks much with ceramic tiles. Also, these tiles could be easily cut in different shapes and sizes, therefore these offer a wide range of designs and shapes to choose from. When you’re looking for ceramic porcelain tiles Melbourne homeowners rely on for durability and style, Lapege is your shopping destination for great design ideas. 

Call us Today for Ceramic Tiles Melbourne

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, ceramic tiles offer the most versatile option for flooring and even wall tiles. To incorporate ceramic tiles Melbourne, feel free to Contact Lapege on (03) 9419 8777 or just send us an email on morena@lapege.com.au. For more of our porcelain floor tile options, view our Mood Cotto series. 

You can also visit our showroom and office at 146 Johnston Street, Collingwood VIC 3066 to have a look at the complete range of our stylish and hard-wearing ceramic tiles.