Azuma – Porcelain Tile

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Sizes Available

120 x 120,
30 x60,
90x 90,
120 x 260




Italy – Ceramic d’Imola

New Tile Philosophy

porcelain tiles -Lapege

Azuma is the manifestation of a new school of design thinking. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of space and home design, Azuma tiles offer solutions that are sophisticated and radically innovative.

The complexity of concrete can be traced back to thousands of years of tradition and, when expressed as ceramic, representsthe merging of art and industrialism. Each tile carefully crafted, balanced in solidity and lightness to create a tile that is both functional and aesthetically impressive.

Elegant, Graceful, Inspiring

porcelain tiles -Lapege

Five colours in elegant simplicity. Graceful design. Inspired by Japanese architecture. Azuma sets forth a vision of compositional spirituality. It’s an invitation to explore and expand the space around you, seeking true satisfaction in the notion of harmony in design.

Explore the five colours and be inspired by the rich, rustic beauty of Azuma concrete tiles. Lapege provide access to incredible designer tiles, helping you reach the pinnacle of what design can be.

Variants & Features

lapege porcelain azuma azma-cg

Azuma Azma CG

lapege porcelain azuma azma-ag

Azuma Azma AG

lapege porcelain azuma azma-g

Azuma Azma G

lapege porcelain azuma azma-dg

Azuma Azma DG

lapege porcelain azuma azma-n

Azuma Azma N