About Us

Lapege is the collaboration of John and Morena Petrolo – two talented siblings with over two decades of experience in international stone, tile and mosaics.

Based in Collingwood, the design centre of Melbourne, Lapege offer tailored services for architects, designers and homeowners looking for high-quality products that deliver an elevated level of luxury and sophisticated design. It is a service characterised by unrivalled care and attention to the tiniest detail.

John and Morena’s extensive web of international contacts ensures they are able to source the finest materials from anywhere in the world to meet their client’s unique needs. The passion they share for sourcing quality materials for their clientele ensures they are ahead of design trends and innovations, seeking out those hard-to-get quarries from the hills of Italy to Greece.

You can rely on Lapege for your source of sophisticated design inspiration and tile and stone materials for your next project.

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When searching for tiles, stones or mosaics to enhance the luxurious aesthetic of your next project or wanting to know more about our extensive range of products and services, contact the experienced team at Lapege  on (03) 9419 8777 or email us at morena@lapege.com.au.


For a first-hand experience, we welcome you to visit our showrooms. 

146 Johnston Street, Collingwood Vic 3066 


Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 2 PM

Sunday: Closed

37 Northgate Drive, Thomastown Vic 3074 

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